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In their basement studio R.A.Z. in East Prague, Tomas Effliger and Sector 17 paint the walls with sound. Praguedren is a trip into indietronicambient with a strong dub influence. 

Contrails ep and Air Chair - (Simon Scott Remix) - single - both  released in ddl format

Kartography out in cd and download formats

Look for 2012's Serfs of the Plant Kingdom  also on dank disk.
Two download only singles - The Expanding Universe (Lab RAZ mix) and Into Another Place out now. Slower Motions EP (download only) out now.

Praguedren - Serfs of the Plant Kingdom - Hypnagogue review:
Because Praguedren’s Serfs of the Plant Kingdom is only 28 minutes long, and because it’s quite good, and because it’s very easy to get lost in, there’s absolutely no reason not to just put it on loop and let it trip its ambient-psychedelic way through your head two, three, four times. The duo of Tomas Effliger and Sector 17 pull together seven dream-like drifts gently dusted with slight dub effects. Echoing rim shots snap across cool yawns of sound, drum pulses quietly wobble off into the distance, and the whole time the duo spin out warm, unhurried clouds of ambient. I like the way this disc works its way down into its quieter environs. The title track, which kicks off the disc, is the most beat-driven piece, riding in on a standard backbeat that gets tricky with a little stutter-step here and there. Its followup, “Helical,” spreads out like ripples on a pond, packing smoothly undulating waveforms designed to bring on a little low-level hypnosis. From there, as the drifts get more and more vaporous, as in the nearly ethereal, spectral tones of “Plant Castles,” the touches of beat become your lifeline back to solidity–but drift, my friends, drift, safely encased in this very plush cocoon of sound. The duo reconnect with the real world on the closing track, nudging the softer tones to the back. It borders on being a little interruptive after “Plant Castles,” the chords in that fall into the foreground feeling a little harsh and metallic in spots. It’s a wake-up call, but it could be gentler. Don’t let it stop you from going around again. The ride is brief, but the ride is so very deep.

Praguedren - Head Cleaner EP

Wire review by Steve Barker

Praguedren's quick follow up to Aurora Australis offers more of the same fuzzy drone psyche dub, but not from the dark recesses of a damp Prague night -- this set is a result of a stay in old east Berlin. The closing track "East Berliner (3am mix)" recaptures the experience of Tomas Effliger and Sector Seventeen spending time in city blocks open to the sky. No beats: just a stretched shimmer pulled across its four minute duration; any expectation of beats is thankfully not fulfilled. The original "East Berliner" mix is as near to funk as the duo are ever likely to get, with a beautifully shifting drum pattern draped across the beats and little other embellishment. Whereas the menace of "Stairwells" returns them to the eerily threatening style which they are best known for.

Trippy dub duo Praguedren launch themselves into space on their recent release, Aurora Australis, and the result is…well, trippy space dub. Having gotten used to their resin-coated, smoke-shrouded psychedelia, hearing Praguedren take on softer ambient drifts came as a very pleasant surprise. The dub trappings certainly haven’t been dispensed with entirely–the title track vibrates and wobbles with tremolo and wavering echo in a pleasantly head-messing way. But it does get cut loose in spots in favor of beat-free, dreamy flows like the closer, “Falling Upward.” This track shows, in classic soft ambient style, that these two can step well out of their comfort zone and still pull it off. A warm, inviting track of horizon-stretched pads. The real draw, though, is on those pieces when the two sides mesh easily together. Check “Neon Green Skies,” which moebius-twists its way smoothly from long, pipe-organ-feeling pads into a clubby/dubby vibe with snappy beats and back again. It’s a cool, nicely orchestrated blend that clearly marks Praguedren’s course for this release. The next track, “Polarity,” shows both sides but strips it down to a perfectly simple backbeat keeping time over big, long pads. When the beat drops off halfway through, you’re just left to coast back to earth on pure, relaxing clouds of ambient. And it’s a gorgeous ride down.

I have a great appreciation for artists who can vary up their stuff to show some versatility, and especially those who do so while keeping a grip on where they’ve been before. With Aurora Australis, Praguedren readily prove themselves to be those guys. -hypnagogue.com

praguedren - stax of bass (phase shifting the sun mix) - single - ddl - dank disk 1313 - out 7/4/2014 
praguedren - earz to earth - single - ddl - dank disk 1233 - out 1/3/2014
praguedren - lit up - single - ddl - dank disk 1127 - out 9/13/2013
praguedren - air chair (simon scott remix) - single - ddl - dank disk 1109 - out 6/1/2013
praguedren - contrails ep - ddl -  dank disk 1107 - out 6/1/2013
praguedren - kartography - cd/download - dank disk 1103 - 2/2/2013
praguedren - slower motions ep -  dank disk 1067 - download - 2012
praguedren - into another place - single - download - dank disk 1059 - 2012
praguedren - the expanding universe (lab raz mix) - single - download - dank disk 1057 - 2012
praguedren - serfs of the plant kingdom - cd/download - dank disk 1039 - 2012
praguedren - polarity (the beauty of empty mix) - download single - dank disk 1015 - 2011
praguedren - head cleaner ep - cd/download - dank disk 1003 - 2011
praguedren - aurora australis - cd/download - dank disk 931 - 2011
praguedren - eyelid dreamachine - download single - dank disk 913 - 2010
praguedren - mission to the sun (we'll go at night praguedren remix of stress test) - download single - dank disk 714 - 2010
praguedren - painting over scenery - cd/download - dank disk 661 - 2010
praguedren - fade and phased ep - cd-r / download - dank disk 517 - 2009
praguedren - absinthe makes the heart grow fonder - cd/download - dank disk 409 - 2009