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Canartic is a psychedelic, dub-influenced duo from Austin,TX whose members are: Jon Coats and Randall Peterson. Canartic moves along just fine with plenty of slow, psychedelic jams that call to mind The Orb on bovine testosterone, Bill Laswell on downs and turntable guitarist Andre LaFosse takin’ it real chill. A decidedly perfect sound for late night trips––those at home, those in the club and those in the car. Space is still the place and in good hands with this duo.

What is it with Texas and outsider psychedelia? Ever since Roky Erickson and his Thirteenth Floor Elevators became the first band described in print as ”psychedelic”, there has been a special, rainbow coloured noise emananting out of the Lone Star State that seems to have no rational explanation attributable to habitat (peyote buttons excepted), the proximity of the Mexican border, or the weather. Perhaps it´s an Austin thing, that urban boehmian aberration deep in its Republican heart. The local motto is, after all, ”Keep Austin Weird”.

Ten years ago a surprising dub/psychedelic hybrid emerged in the form of Sub Oslo´s ”Dubs in the Key of Life”. That eight-man effort shares a similar meandering, patient pace in big space with Canartic. However, the duo of Jon Coats and Randall Peterson have a tighter grasp on their trippy reins which, as paradoxical as it sounds, gives the mind more room to move around within the music and vice-versa.

Impeccably steady drumming worthy of Style Scott anchors a soaring electric guitar speaking many tongues, all of them perfectly intelligible, and synthesizers that hum and ripple like wings cutting through the air or bubble like tropical fish swimming round the coral reef.

It´s a perfectly seamless jam that lays you down comfortably while it lifts your spirits. As one of the samples whispers, "it´s so fabulous".

Posted by Stephen Fruitman

Canartic is a stunning and highly refreshing journey into chilled ambience and cool/warm textures. It's not your typical Amethystium/Delerium/Enigma grooves (not that there's anything wrong with those). Nor is it slowed disco downtempo like Chicken Lips. Neither is it straight ambient tones. Then again, it's not dub, either? So what is it? Who cares what you call it (except that this challenges the poor reviewer)? It's delicious and capturing (both the ears and soul). It's soundtracky in a positive way (in other words, I'm not saying it's background music), having the flavor of something you might hear in a movie set in dark clubs and soulful nighttimes, but it's got personality and doesn't sink into oblivion, suitable only for casual consumption. Lots of tastes and textures flow through here. At the core is a sexy but subtle jazz sensibility informing the music. The beats are downtempo and very content with themselves; they create so quietly such a strong groove. I envision lovemaking and a city skyline. Steamy streets. Ambience oozes from the various elements that make themselves known from time to time: ultra-chilled guitars, quiet but knowing beats, gentle but assured electronic tones, ambient ice floes and that souljazz spirit deep within. Airy but not vapid, thickly atmospheric but not weighing-down, Canatic's "Headphone Test" is among the best chillout you're sure to hear in a long while. -- review by Kristofer Upjohn - raves.com

canartic - turn on the blacklight - single- ddl- (remastered from the out of print - blacklight days ep) - dank disk 3013 - out 6/13/15
canartic - inner space (live vs teenager) - single - download only - dank disk 1057 - 2012
canartic - modulotion - cd / download - dank disk 733 - 2010
canartic - bouncing radar beams off the moon - cd / download - dank disk 373 - 2007
canartic - headphone test - cd / download - dank disk 232 - 2005
canartic - blacklight days ep - cd-r - dank disk 171 - sold out / out of print -2003
canartic  - canartic - cd-r - dank disk 113 - sold out / out of print - 2002